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AQUATOP UVFK Series UV Pumps with fountain kits are a perfect and versatile method to eradicate and control free-floating micro-organisms that cause the unsightly green water as well as disease causing pathogens in both your fresh & saltwater aquariums. The versatility of these fully submersible UV Pumps also allow for applications in your outdoor garden ponds. Unlike conventional UV Sterilizers which need the addition of a pump and extra plumbing, the UVFK-13 has a built in pump and ready to use without the hassle of extra plumbing. 13 watt UV Lamp, suitable to sterilize capacities up to 2,377 gallons.


  • The perfect choice to enhance the look of a Water Garden or Koi Pond
  • Included Fountain Kit allows for multiple water displays 
  • Eradicate free-floating microorganisms and disease causing pathogens 
  • Eliminate unsightly algae blooms
  • Includes germicidal grade UV bulb, large pre-filter sponge, optional-use Fountain Kit
  • Suitable for saltwater and freshwater aquariums (when the Fountain Kit is not in use)


  • 24 watt unit
  • 110-120V/60Hz
  • 264 GPH w/ Adjustable Flow Rate
  • Filter Capacity; Freshwater=1585 gallons Saltwater= 60 gallons
  • 13 watt UV Bulb
  • 4 different fountain heads included
  • Power Cord: 25ft

AQUATOP UVFK-13 264 GPH Submersible 13 Watt UV Sterilizer Pond Pump With Fountai

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