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Aquatop MAQ-MINI, SkyAqua Marine Mini Clamp On LED with inline intensity adjustment: Color: 14,000K,  Daylight and Lunar modes, UL & CSA, 10 Watts

Bring life and brilliance to your underwater habitat with AquaTop’s SkyAqua Marine LED Lighting Series! This energy-efficient

LED lighting system provides and replicates the shimmer of natural sunlight for a more natural appearance daylight and

will operate for many years without a bulb change. The SkyAqua Mini can mount on most any aquarium with a maximum

frame width of .6 inches using the adjustable clamp mounting system. Features include fanless operation for pin-drop

silence, protective splash guard, multi-mode power switch and flexible mounting options. The slim profile of the SkyAqua

fits a variety of aquarium applications and is an excellent choice for aquarists of all levels!

AQUATOP MAQ-MINI 10" SkyAqua Marine Mini LED Salt Water Aquarium Light

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