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AQUATOP's IF-UV Series of Internal Filters with UV are easy to install and maintain. These innovative and flexible filters help to eliminate unsightly algae and control unwanted algae blooms with the integrated UV system. In addition to the UV, each unit is equipped with an easy change replaceable pre-filter sponge and activated carbon for Mechanical and Chemical filteration. The UV bulb assembly includes a power switch allowing it to run indepenently from the filter pump. The IF-UV Series aids in the health of the aquatic life by eradicating harmful free-floating micro-organisms in fresh or saltwater aquariums, and the bottom mounted pump makes it a perfect choice for sump or turtle tank applications.



  • Helps control free-floating algae forming micro-organisms
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Requires no additional plumbing, easy to use
  • Independent UV Switch
  • Easy-change, replaceable Filter Cartridge
  • Includes Activated Carbon to help remove odors or discoloration
  • Can be placed in Tank or in Sump
  • Bottom mounted pump for turtle tanks
  • Suitable for Fresh and Saltwater applications

AQUATOP IF9-UV 211 GPH Internal Filter with 9 Watt UV

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